We have set ourselves the challenge of raising as much as possible for Action Against Cancer and The Brain Tumour Charity. It’s a big challenge but we know it can be done.  Every penny made will be going direct to scientific research.  Over the next few months our fantastic team of volunteers will be working hard to make that a reality.

Why are we doing it?

More and more people irrespective of age are being diagnosed with cancer. Like it or not, this disease affects everyone.  The only way we can make serious strides towards cures is to put more money in the field of research. 

Who are the charities?

Action Against Cancer

Gaby writes ‘Nearly three years ago after being referred for a scan due to a persistent pain in his shoulder, Toby, my husband, aged forty, was diagnosed with tumours throughout his spine and pelvis. After much scratching of heads and mis-diagnosis in Oxford, we eventually found Prof. Justin Stebbing in London. Until that point, medics had used words such as life-limiting and terminal, words full of fear. By this stage we knew we weren’t going for cure.

The Brain Tumour Charity

In August 2012, having spent a weekend camping and playing cricket with his family and friends, Silas Pullen, Natasha's godson, went home for supper a very happy little boy. 

A really bad headache that Calpol couldn’t fix resulted in a mad dash to hospital and then news that changed his family’s life forever.  From nowhere, Silas was diagnosed with an aggressive malignant brain tumour.  An heroic battle with ‘BOB’ the brain tumour followed for the next 18 months, until sadly Silas lost his fight in December last year at only 11 years old. 

The Good News

The good news is that breakthroughs are happening, more and more. Drug therapies are changing fast. But we need to make it happen faster. And we can. We know that with these charities every pound we raise will go direct to ground-breaking research.